About Bella Lana Merino Our large framed, plain bodied sheep produce consistent quantities of stylish, bright white quality wool and meat - without fuss.

 You can be assured that by selecting Bella Lana Merinos, you will spend less time worrying about animal husbandry

Bella Lana stud runs on “Birrell Vale”, 302 Burrel Creek Road. Dripstone, which is located 16km south of Wellington, NSW. Our properties consist of 2200 hectares of undulating hills and open valleys, with a pasture mix of native and improved pastures, and some grazing cereals. Our sole focus is our Merino sheep operation, consisting of stud and commercial ewes.

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What our customers are saying

  • I’ve been buying rams from Bella Lana since 2008, when I started with buying 8 of their rams that year. They’ve got a good wool type and micron count on them.  They’re a good type of sheep that suit my country. They’ve got good big frames, plain bodies, and they’ve been breeding true to type – they’re producing the type of sheep that I like to breed. I sold my surplus 1.5-year-old ewes at the Dunedoo Annual Merino Breeders’ Sale in January, 2011, and they well and truly topped the market at $230 a head. The ewes had a major ... read more

    Warren Leeson, 'Anglewood', Dunedoo, NSW

  • We have been buying Bella Lana rams since 2007 and have seen a positive effect on the crimp and character of our wool. I also find it easy to source the well-framed rams we require. Scott and Anna demonstrate a personal approach to their clients, and a commitment to the industry

    Richard Marshall, 'Wargandinna', Burren Junction, NSW

  • If you are a Merino breeder who is keen to jump on board and take their flock forward into the 21st century, then I can honestly say Bella Lana is the stud to do it. I do not like to praise people too much but in this case you will not find a more honest, passionate person with strong integrity than Scotty Brien. He will not sell a ram that he would not use himself that I have witnessed. Bella Lana sheep have fantastic wools and frames. The stud is always searching the country for the sire that will make ... read more

    Dugald Campbell, “Burrandong", Dripstone, via Wellington, NSW

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